Joanna Williams Olsen

Psychotherapy & Counselling Services

If you’re experiencing emotional distress, feeling burdened by a personal difficulty or interested in personal growth, you may be looking for the help of a therapist. Joanna Williams Olsen is a professional and skilled therapist with over ten years of clinical experience providing psychotherapy and counselling services.

Joanna offers these talk therapy services to individual adults and youths, and works with a wide range of emotional and personal concerns including depression, anxiety, work stress and grief. She specializes in longer-term psychotherapeutic work with individuals who are addressing difficulties relating to abuse, trauma and self-esteem.

Joanna is accomplished, gentle and compassionate in her approach as a therapist. She provides a safe space and opportunity for you to resolve your behaviours, feelings and thoughts that cause you difficulties in your life. She offers her services in a comfortable office setting conveniently located in downtown Ottawa.

To schedule an appointment or to get additional information about her therapy services, please contact Joanna at 613-794-0877.