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Reduced Fees Services

Reduced Fees Services Program (RFSP)

About RFSP

At CTP, we believe that mental health services need to be more accessible and affordable for those in need. As such, we have developed this program offering therapy services at more affordable rates. The RFSP is a counselling and psychotherapy service offered by CTP to individuals in need of these mental health services. This service commences in November 2021.

During your therapy sessions, you will see a graduate student in a Masters level Counselling Psychology program who is training to become a registered psychotherapist. The therapist-in-training’s practicum placement with CTP typically runs for 8 months. The therapist-in-training is supervised by a Clinical Supervisor, Joanna Williams Olsen who has over 20 years of experience working as a psychotherapist. (Please read the “Clinical Director” webpage for further information about Joanna).

As a client, you will benefit from the services of an empathic and supportive therapist-in-training eager to demonstrate their knowledge and abilities as a clinician. Furthermore, the clinical supervision –of an experienced psychotherapist supporting your therapist-in-training’s work with you – will enrich and ensure that your treatment is geared to positive outcomes and the realization of your goals. Additionally, the therapist-in-training benefits from their experience working with you. We honour our clients’ requests for help and are grateful for our clients’ participation in developing the skillfulness of our therapist-in-training.

Should you become a client of this program and require further treatment beyond the therapist-in-training’s placement period, we can offer you further services within CTP, with a new therapist-in-training or we can refer you elsewhere for services. Lastly, if you prefer seeing a registered psychotherapist, we can refer you to Joanna herself.

Fees for the RFSP

Fees in the RFSP are $75.00 per session and sessions are 50 minutes in length (just about an hour long). The fees for services may be covered in part by your extended health insurance plan should you have one. You would have to look into that with your health care plan provider. Fees can be paid by cash, cheque or e-transfer.

Contact information for the RFSP

If you are interested in becoming a client of the RFSP, please contact CTP at:  
Tel.  343-887-5222