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Benefits of Therapy

The Benefits of Psychotherapy & Counselling

Psychotherapy and counselling are both forms of talk therapy whereby a therapist facilitates meaningful conversations and consequential explorations of personal experiences, difficulties and feelings. This process, in therapy, is vital to the development of self-awareness and the facilitation of healing and personal transformation.

Subsequently, therapy can improve an individual’s life, behaviours, relationships and sense of self in deep and abiding ways. Those who actively engage in therapeutic work with a professional therapist can achieve many of these benefits.

It can help you…
• strengthen your self-esteem
• increase your ability to love and nurture yourself and others
• master your distress and personal problems
• gain new perspective on difficult problems
• find new ways to cope with stress, anxiety and intense, painful emotions
• improve your relationships and interpersonal skills
• heal past experiences which still maintain a hold on you
• change your behaviors
• clarify your confused thoughts and feelings
• resolve painful emotions including feelings of loss, hopelessness and anger
• feel happier and more satisfied with yourself and your life
• experience more positive emotions in your life